“Music is life. Without music, life would be bland and tasteless. I can’t live without music.”

You probably said that for once in your life if you’re a real music junkie. I know that you love to listen and play music. But is that enough for you? If yes is your answer, you better get outta here young fella. You’re just a poseur. But if you answered no, this is perfect for you. We will go around the world to see the best places that a music lover should visit. Let’s get the tour started, shall we?

Liverpool, England

Abbey Road, Liverpool

Abbey Road. Do the Iconic Beatles’ Walk.

We all know who came from this side of town. The Greatest Band Ever. The Beatles.

Relieve the past and reminisce the things that you missed from the Beatles. Walk down the Abbey Road and visit the ‘Beatles Story’ to know a little more about our favorite band. There are tons of valuable collections and memorabilia in this place. If you love the Beatles, then you will love Liverpool.

Seattle, Washington

The birthplace of Grunge Rock. This is a musical haven for all of those who love rock. Especially Grunge and Jimi. Yes, Jimi is from Seattle. You can visit Experience Music Project or now called MoPOP (Museum of Pop and Culture). The have awesome galleries from Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.

Milan, Italy

If you are more on the Classical side of music, this place is perfect for you. They feature a lot of symphony orchestras and operas here. Italy of course. Go down to the Milan Auditorium and knock yourself out.

New York City, New York

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall, NY

How can we forget about the ‘Big Apple’. This is the most populous city in all America. All genres thrive here. Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Blues, Classical, Punk and other types of musical genre. They all thrive here in the Big Apple. You can visit Radio City Hall, Madison Square Garden, Broadway and the Carnegie Hall if you want some dose of live and entertaining music.

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There you go! I hope that you enjoyed our tour to these wonderful musical havens. See you there!

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