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Located in Cornwall, England, Sawmills Studios is a recording studio best known for producing famous artists such as The Stone Roses and The Verve.

But did you know that this recording studio offers so much more than just producing top-charted music and albums?

Here are some things that make Sawmills Studios unique:

  • It is first opened in 1974 on the banks of River Fowey itself.
  • Its building has its own tidal creek.
  • It main building is a previous water mill and even has a history that goes way back in 11th century.
  • It is one of the first recording studios in the United Kingdom.
  • It was founded by Tony Cox, a British orchestrator, composer, arranger, and record producer. His notable works include significant developments in folk rock and progressive rock.
  • It is now owned by Dennis Smith, who formed a record label inspired from Sawmills Studios. It was called Dangerous Records and the one responsible for releasing the first EPs of Muse, a famous British rock band, who is also known to have originated their music career at Sawmills.
  • Its location can only be accessed via boat or train, which runs past the studio.

Even more so, musicians can use the recording studio while their families and friends explore some of Cornwall’s scenic views and locations.

You see, a recording studio like Sawmills Studios is not just focused on making music artists famous and earn lots of money. They are also focused on making music artists have a balanced and well-lived life with people who love them, whether they are musicians or not.

Furthermore, people who have been there have witnessed and experienced firsthand how the recording studio values those who come a long way from home. As they say, there’s no place like home. But in Sawmills Studios, you can just feel right at home.

The word “sawmills” might seem synonymous to anything related to saws, but fret not! Just check out to avoid confusion.

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